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Dr. Virginia Resta

Texas State University Round Rock Campus

About Our Rising StarDr, Virginia Resta

Full Name: Virginia K. Resta

Position: Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Chair of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education, Texas State University

Degrees & Majors:

  • PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (Science Education) - University of New Mexico
  • MA in Elementary Education - University of New Mexico
  • BS in Elementary Education - Northeastern Oklahoma State University

Fields of Research and Interest:

"My field of research is the induction and mentoring of teachers. National statistics show that we lose fifty percent of new teachers within their first five years of teaching. I'm interested in investigating the issues around teacher attrition and how attrition can be reduced through well designed and implemented induction and mentoring programs and services. I've participated on two national commissions on teacher induction and mentoring and have numerous articles and national and international presentations on these topics." 

What Dr. Resta Enjoys About Her Job

"I really enjoy working with students and faculty to build and continuously improve the teacher preparation experiences to ready pre-service teachers for the challenges of 21st Century classrooms. It is also a particular privilege to work with the Round Rock schools and community that is so supportive of quality education for all its students."


"I began my career as an elementary school teacher and later earned my Master's and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of New Mexico. Both as a teacher and now as a university administrator, I enjoy new challenges in education. Shortly after arriving at Texas State University, I was able to start the Teacher Fellows program, which is a program that provides an intensive mentoring and induction support program for first year teachers and provides a path for them to earn a masters degree during their first year of teaching. I directed the Teacher Fellows Program and taught in it for the first seven years and the program is still continuing today. A few years later, I helped establish the Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) that provides an accelerated path to teacher certification for well-qualified post-baccalaureate students. I continue to serve as an advisor to the students in the TRP. The Round Rock Campus initiative has been another exciting challenge. When I began working on this initiative, we were holding classes in Westwood High School and in portable buildings across the street, and now we enjoy providing our programs in the beautiful Avery Building of the Round Rock Campus on University Boulevard."

Years of Experience

"My husband and I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we both held positions in the University of New Mexico's College of Education, to Austin, Texas in the fall of 1991 where we both continued our academic careers, he at the University of Texas at Austin and then Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. I have served as Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs since 2000 and concurrently as Assistant Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for the past six years."

The College of Education

"Texas State University was founded as a teachers college in 1899, and more than a century later, it continues the tradition of producing only the highest quality educators. The College of Education at Texas State has grown to offer 23 master's and three doctoral degree programs in addition to our quality undergraduate programs. The College of Education at Texas State University prepares more teachers than any other university in the state, typically averaging over 900 teachers per academic year. For information go to the website

A Note from the Director

"Dr. Resta has been key to the growth and development of the Teacher Education programs at the Round Rock Campus. She has been with Texas State since we were in temporary buildings and has re-designed the program to meet the needs of our students. Texas State (Southwest Texas State University) has always been known for its outstanding teacher education program and at the Round Rock Campus, the various Education programs continue to comprise almost 50% of our enrollment. It is because of professors and leaders like Dr. Resta that our students are well prepared and equipped to go directly into the classrooms to prepare our children."

- Dr. Edna Rehbein, Director of the Round Rock Campus