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Dr. Julie Jackson

College of Education
Texas State University Round Rock Campus

About Our Rising StarDr. Julie Jackson

Full Name: Julie Jackson

Birthplace: Provo, Utah

Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education, Texas State University

What Dr. Jackson Enjoys About Her Job

"Most students begin my Texas State courses with a combination of fear and dread. They perceive science as a collection of stagnant facts that must be memorized by rote and regurgitated on tests.
They view scientists as balding, older white males who wear thick glasses, white lab coats, and spend their days in laboratories surrounded by beakers, flasks and bubbling test tubes.
The first weeks of every semester are devoted to transformative learning opportunities that confront tenacious negative stereotypes and provide authentic science experiences.
We explore: What is science? Who participates in science? How is scientific knowledge developed and confirmed? What is scientific inquiry? Is scientific literacy important?
We examine innovative approaches to teaching and learning about science in preparation for 21st century classrooms. We experience science as a method of asking questions and making personal discoveries.
We use science process skills to discover that the goal of scientific inquiry is content knowledge. Once I have established that everyone is a scientist and that science is a way of looking at the world and asking questions, we explore how science instruction can be modified to honor diverse cultures and enhance the unique strengths of children.
We have fun studying science from this perspective and celebrate science as a human endeavor.
I have a collaborative approach to teacher education and regularly work with stakeholders to improve science education in the P-16 school environment. I enjoy promoting and modeling inquiry science instruction while simultaneously providing support for reading and writing with special emphasis placed on meeting the diverse needs of English language learners and economically disadvantaged students.
I enjoy publishing authentic work from Texas classrooms and I am committed to nurturing and sustaining public school partnerships. Seven of my publications have been co-authored by a combination of Texas State graduate students, Round Rock ISD, and Pflugerville ISD teachers."


"I am married to Robert Jackson and we have two daughters. Both of my daughters attended RRISD schools and my oldest daughter, Jennifer Jackson Polson, earned a photography degree from Texas State and she currently lives in Round Rock with her husband and three children.

I love spending time with my grandchildren. I enjoy watching them explore and interact with nature. My youngest daughter, Rachel Jackson, attends Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah and is studying to be an art teacher."

Years of Experience

"I have been a teacher for over 28 years. I have elementary, middle and high school teaching experience. I have been teaching university-level courses for 15 years."