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Community Outreach

The Round Rock Campus faculty, staff, students, and student organizations are dedicated to giving back to the community. For information regarding Community Groups and Events in the Round Rock Area, please click on the categories below.

ARTS (Link to area Arts Organizations and Events) Picture of drama masks, ceramic vase, film reel, artist pallet, sheet music


COMMUNITY (Link to area Community Organizations and Events) pictures of the round rock in Round Rock, The round Rock Water Tower, People serving in a food line, Round Rock Library, person handing a bottle of water to someone

EDUCATION (Link to area Education Institutes and Events) Pictures of stack of books between two students, kids at their desks in a classroom, a bus picking up children, students working with computers, children raising their hands in a classroom


HEALTH (Link to area Health Organizations and Events) Pictures of a woman sneezing, farmer's market vegetable display, a person working with a physical therapist, a person standing next to a bike


SPECIAL EVENTS (Link to Area Special Events) Pictures of ceramic bowls, and event at the Round Round Prete Plaza, fireworks, person drawing a cowboy on a sidewalk with chalk, a crowd of people in a lobby