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Payment Options

Tuition, fees, room, and board must be paid by one of two methods:

1. Payment for 100% of tuition, fees, room, and board is due in full.

2. Enrollment in a payment plan.

Types of Payment Plans

1. Traditional Installment Plan

  • 3 installments of 30%, 35%, and 35% of total tuition, fees, room, and board
  • $25 late payment fee for each installment not paid on time
  • 1st installment of 30% is due at time of enrollment in the payment plan

2. ETLP Plan (Emergency Tuition Loan)

  • RESTRICTIONS APPLY: Students receiving sufficient financial aid to cover the 1st installment will not be eligible for an ETLP.
  • 100% of tuition and fees are covered by the ETLP; Room and Board will not be covered by this plan.
  • 1.25% origination fee added on the night of enrollment
  • One installment for full balance due within 90 days
  • $25 monthly late fee applied after 90 days for non-payment

The following applies to both Traditional and ETLP payment plans:

  • Enrollment begins at the time the billing statement is available.
  • $30 non-refundable enrollment fee (rolled into the plan)
  • All previous semester balances must be paid in full, prior to enrollment.
  • Payments may be scheduled ahead of time to be paid on installment due dates.
  • Plans recalculate as charges increase or decrease due to schedule changes.


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