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College Transfer Credit Planning Guides

The Transfer Planning Guide (TPG) will help you determine which college credits meet the requirements of your chosen degree at Texas State‘s Round Rock location. To avoid spending time and money taking unnecessary courses, it is very important for you to begin following a TPG as soon as you decide on a degree program.

As a transfer student, it is vital for you to stay organized and on track while completing the requirements for your academic program. Regular academic advising throughout your time with Texas State Round Rock is an important part of your overall program and will help ensure a successful outcome for your academic career. If your educational goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University by attending classes at the Round Rock Campus, then our academic advisors will serve as an important component to ensure your college transfer credits apply to your chosen degree program. Upon graduation, your diploma will read, Texas State University.

If you have any questions about the course requirements listed on the following Transfer Planning Guides, please contact the Round Rock Campus advising office at 512.716.4001.