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Faculty and Staff Directory

Administration, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Herdman Barbara PT Evening Site Coordinator 464 J 716-4424 BH02@txstate.edu
Hernandez Hale Dawn Coordinator 401 C 716-4422 dh39@txstate.edu
Jackson Robert Business Manager 401 F 716-4423 r_j77@txstate.edu
Nilson Nancy Administrative Assistant II 401 716-4427 n_n39@txstate.edu
Rehbein Edna Director 401 D 716-4422 er04@txstate.edu
Wilkinson Carol Administrative Assistant II 401 716-4400 clw173@txstate.edu
Wong Amy Senior Administrative Assistant 401 716-4401 xw10@txstate.edu

Campus Technology Center, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Atkins Blake Microcomputer Lab Coordinator II 304 716-4301 ja40@txstate.edu
Crow Curtis System Support Specialist II 304 B 716-4322 crow@txstate.edu
DeVirgilio Lou Assistant Director 304 D 716-4333 Lou@txstate.edu
Gomez Edgar System Support Specialist I 304 B 716-4306 eg19@txstate.edu
Wasserman Andrew Microcomputer Lab Coordinator I 304 716-4321 andrew.wasserman@txstate.edu

Custodial, Avery and Nursing Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Tye Primary Contact 114 512-996-8464
Bennett Mario Janitorial Contractor 114 248-867-9395 mario@simplyklean.us

Emergency Management Training Services (EMTS) Academy, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Nealand Laura Program Administrator 401 B 716-4421 lnealand@emtsacademy.com
Nealand Matt EMS Program Director 401 B 716-4413 mnealand@emtsacademy.com
Rose Don Clinical Coordinator 401 A 716-4412 drose@emtsacademy.com
Santiago Talyn Student Advisor 401 A 716-4412 tsantiago@emtsacademy.com

LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Beck John Finance & Operations Manager, LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research 462 G 716-4534 JB01@txstate.edu
Fabac Karen Grant Specialist, LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research 462 I 716-4532 KF19@txstate.edu
Huling Leslie Project Director, LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research 462 C 716-4531 LA03@txstate.edu
Ortiz Aracelia Director, LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research 462 E 716-4566 amo56@txstate.edu
Yeargain Pat Grant Specialist 462 A 716-4533 PY11@txstate.edu

Faculty Suite, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Baldwin Patricia Faculty, Mass Communication 464 S 716-4641 p_b58@txstate.edu
Capwell Grace Faculty, Mass Communication 464 S 716-4640 ghc7@txstate.edu
Cordaro Mildred Faculty/Advisor, Psychology 464 Z 716-4564 mc71@txstate.edu
Dombroski Leonor Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction 464 W 716-4552 md23@txstate.edu
Funderburk Paula Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction 464 T 716-4548 pf1051@txstate.edu
Harvey Kendall Administrative Assistant 464 716-4500 kc1287@txstate.edu
Jackson Julie Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction 464 E 716-4563 julie_jackson@txstate.edu
Johannessen B. Gloria Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction 464 Y 716-4834 bgjohannessen@txstate.edu
Langerock Nancy Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction 464 W 716-4560 NL10@txstate.edu
Ligon Jessica Faculty, C&I 464 T 716-4556 jl50@txstate.edu
Lopez Omar Faculty, OWLS Department 464 O 716-4530 ol14@txstate.edu
McBride Michael Faculty 464 R 716-4565 mm29@txstate.edu
McLaren John Faculty, Criminal Justice 464 P 716-4550 JM24@txstate.edu
Morgan Byron L. Faculty, Management Department 464 Q 716-4551 byron@txstate.edu
O'Neal Sharon Faculty, Curriculum & Instruction 464 U 716-4558 SO10@txstate.edu
Oskam Judy Faculty, Mass Communication 464 R 716-4554 oskam@txstate.edu
Resta Virginia Education, Assistant Dean 464 F 716-4535 VR03@txstate.edu
Willhoite Landon Staff, ALERRT Center 464 N 716-4034 lrw60@txstate.edu
Wilson Barbara Faculty, Applied Arts and Science 464 K 716-4541 BW07@txstate.edu

Instructional Technology Support, Avery Building / ITAC, Nursing Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Boyd Amy ITS, Project Manager 112 D 245-2319 ab46@txstate.edu
Buratti James ITS, University Webmaster 112 C 245-3641 jb63@txstate.edu
Fathree JoeRay ITS, Media Tech I 112 A 716-4222 j_f197@txstate.edu
Licon Ray ITS, Technology Integration Specialist I 112 A 716-4221 rl21@txstate.edu
Peacock Stephen ITS, Technology Integration Specialist II 112 A 716-4220 sp33@txstate.edu
Soto Eli ITAC, User Service Consultant Nursing 358 245-4822 e_s173@txstate.edu
Yuanhua Qu ITS, Programmer Analyst II 112 C yq12@txstate.edu

Library, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Guardado Anthony Head, RRC Librarian 255 716-4701 ag27@txstate.edu
Matthews Alan Library Assistant 255 716-4702 rm67@txstate.edu
Swift Angela Evening Reference/Instruction Librarian 255 716-4703 a_s482@txstate.edu

Maintenance, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Brangan Keith Maintenance Supervisor 117 716-4224 keith.branganjr@trane.com
Rodriguez John Maintenance Technician 117 716-4223 john.rodriguez@irco.com
Whitley Josh Maintenance Technician 117 716-4223

One Stop Center - Student Services, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Carmichael Drew Academic Advisor I 245-3050 dhc20@txstate.edu
Dinges Arrissa Enrollment Assistant 201 716-4030 amd76@txstate.edu
Ely Arin Supervisor of Enrollment and Advising 201 716-4022 ae19@txstate.edu
Everett Carla Testing Center Coordinator 301 716-4020 rrc-testing@txstate.edu
Guel Autumn Student Dev Specialist (Fin Aid, Student Business Services, Intl Students, Off of Student Disabilities), Testing Ctr Supervisor 201 716-4007 abg35@txstate.edu
Johnson Rebecca Administrative Assistant I 201 716-4001 rj24@txstate.edu
King Jan Associate Director 201 E 716-4044 jk51@txstate.edu
Kroeker Alyssa Student Development Specialist (VA, Career Services, Student Development Activities and Organizations), Writing Center Liaison 201 D 716-4023 ae1164@txstate.edu
Mayo Sonia M Administrative Assistant II 201 716-4001 smm217@txstate.edu
Norris Kendra Graduate Research Assistant 201 716-4023 knn24@txstate.edu
Purtle Joyce Administrative Assistant I 201 716-4001 jp82@txstate.edu
Ripley Karen Transfer and Graduate Coordinator 201 716-4040 kr27@txstate.edu
Skinner Allison Academic Advisor 201 B 716-4035 ans74@txstate.edu
Trembley Rachel Academic Advisor 201 C 716-4036 rmt46@txstate.edu

St. David's School of Nursing, Nursing Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Arevalo-Flechas Lyda Assistant Professor 350 716-2923 la33@txstate.edu
Belcik Kim Assistant Professor 318 716-2948 kdb120@txstate.edu
Biggan Beth Clinical Assistant Professor 357 716-2924 eb31@txstate.edu
Boyd Shawn Clinical Associate Professor 333 716-2925 slb218@txstate.edu
Covington Barbara Associate Professor 344 716-2921 bc32@txstate.edu
Douglas Ryan Simulation Laboratories Information Specialist 225 716-2955 rd46@txstate.edu
England Susan Clinical Associate Professor 355 716-2943 se18@txstate.edu
Erbin-Roesemann Marla Director & Professor 337 D 716-2900 me16@txstate.edu
Finney Mary Margaret Clinical Associate Professor 354 716-2936 mf41@txstate.edu
Gage Sheryl Academic Advisor II 117 B 716-2932 sg35@txstate.edu
Guy Sarah Clinical Assistant Professor 319 716-2906 s_g256@txstate.edu
Heimerl Lynn Admission and Retention Coordinator 117 C 716-2910 lh46@txstate.edu
Holmes Tiffany Coordinator of Simulation Laboratories 228 716-2950 th42@txstate.edu
Jeffery Janene Clinical Associate Professor 342 716-2942 jlj140@txstate.edu
Jillapalli Regina Clinical Assistant Professor 346 716-2926 rj25@txstate.edu
Johnson Alisha Clinical Assistant Professor 352 716-2920 aj23@txstate.edu
Jones Gay Lynn Clinical Assistant Professor 343 716-2922 G_J28@txstate.edu
Kajs-Wyllie Marylyn Clinical Associate Professor 356 716-2941 mk35@txstate.edu
Kim Son Chae Professor 320 716-2988 SCK30@txstate.edu
Levenson Shirley Asst Professor and Nurse Practitioner Program Director 337 B 716-2957 sal111@txstate.edu
Love Karen Clinical Assistant Professor 335 716-2907 kel41@txstate.edu
Miranda Victoria Administrative Assistant II 117 716-2933 vf01@txstate.edu
Mokarzel Rita Administrative Assistant III 337 C 716-2930 rm89@txstate.edu
Petr Josy Clinical Associate Professor 353 716-2935 jp77@txstate.edu
Poole Marcia Clinical Associate Professor 334 716-2984 M_P226@txstate.edu
Rick Susan Associate Professor 351 716-2931 sr51@txstate.edu
Seaton Lara Nursing Program Services Coordinator 337 F 716-2902 ls64@txstate.edu
Standiford Anne Assistant Professor 321 716-2905 ab77@txstate.edu
Taylor Sean Clinical Education Placement Coordinator 337 J 716-2903 wt13@txstate.edu
Winegar Rhonda Clinical Assistant Professor 347 716-2937 rw40@txstate.edu

Student Health Center, RRC, Nursing Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Douglas Sara Clinic Coordinator 116 716-2977 sjd56@txstate.edu
Martinez-Anderson Dinorah Nurse Practitioner 116 716-2976 d_m282@txstate.edu
Meyer Katherine Nurse Practioner 116 716-2976 kam286@txstate.edu

RRC Courier, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
White Tom Courier 799-2721 gw12@txstate.edu

SBDC, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Breck Mike Business Advisor 265 716-4822 mgb78@txstate.edu
Harper Joe Director 610-0996 ph33@txstate.edu
Johnson Dick Certified Business Advisor 265 G 716-4825 JJ39@txstate.edu
Richmond Peg Business Advisor 265 716-4826 pr22@txstate.edu
Taylor Donna Training Coordinator 265 B 716-4820 drt54@txstate.edu
Thompson Bill Business Advisor 265 373-5342 bill.thompson@txstate.edu
Wright Paul Business Advisor 265 716-4823 phw8@txstate.edu

University Police, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Brode Byron Police Officer 250 716-4911 BB26@txstate.edu
Casas Jessica Parking Services Cashier 250 716-4950 jc96@txstate.edu
Lake Vincent Guard 250 716-4950 vl18@txstate.edu
Michaud Dave Police Officer 250 716-4911 DM44@txstate.edu

Writing Center, Avery Building

Last Name First Name Job Title Room# Phone E-mail
Ray Stockstad Writing Center Coordinator 203 716-4077 res116@txstate.edu