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Avery Building Operating Procedures

Revised April 2013


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Texas State University Round Rock Campus (RRC) is a completely smoke-free campus. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all RRC property, both inside and outside of RRC buildings. This policy will be enforced.


Food is not allowed in the classrooms. Drinks with lids are allowed.


               Avery Building Operating Hours Classes Meet
Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 9:45 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.      
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.     
Sunday CLOSED N/A    



Texas State University Round Rock Campus (RRC) observes the same holiday and energy conservation day schedule as Texas State University.


The front desk staff in the One Stop Center – Student Services (Avery 201) serve as the receptionists for the building and also answer the main telephone information line, 512.716.4000.


The information screen in the main lobby is updated and maintained by Carol Wilkinson in the Administration Office. Contact Carol (6‐4400 or clw173), Amy Wong (6-4401 or xw10), or Dawn Hale (6‐4422 or dh39) if you wish to have a University sponsored event announced or advertised on the screen.


In case of inclement weather closings or delayed openings, the RRC follows the decision made in San Marcos. Because of differences in conditions between San Marcos and Round Rock, on some rare occasions, closures may occur only in Round Rock. The main Texas State University website ( is the best place to look for closures or delayed openings.


The University Police Officers are responsible for building and campus security. They unlock buildings in the morning and lock and secure the buildings at night. The University Police Office is located in Avery 250 and can be reached by calling 512.716.4911. When officers are out of the office, calls are transferred to the phone they carry with them. In an emergency you can also dial 911 on your cell phone or office phone. UPD also maintains and issues all building and office keys. Anyone requesting a key must have the appropriate approvals. An AED unit is mounted outside the UPD office on the 2nd floor. Emergency evacuation procedures are posted within each classroom in the Avery Building.


Classrooms are assigned through the Senior Administrative Assistant, Amy Wong (6‐4401 or xw10). Use of any other rooms, conference rooms, offices, building lobbies, hallways, or bulletin board display areas must be scheduled and reserved in advance through the Special Events Coordinator, Dawn Hernandez Hale (6-4422 or dh39). She will make arrangements for technology support, room configurations, and additional police officers if needed.


Building and grounds maintenance, as well as custodial support, is done through a third party contractor who reports to the Assistant Director, Lou DeVirgilio. Any special requests or concerns should be sent to Lou (6‐4333 or For air conditioning or heating concerns in the CLASSROOMS, contact Kendall Harvey during the day (6-4500 or kc1287) or Barbara Herdman in the evening (6‐4424 or bh02). For air/heat concerns in the rest of the building, contact Keith Brangan (6‐4224 or


Two elevators are provided in the building. The glass elevators in the main lobby are for guests and should NOT be used for transporting or moving large items or boxes.  The freight elevator at the east end of the building should be used for moving large items.


ALL requests for furniture to be moved or purchased must go through the Assistant Director, Lou DeVirgilio (6‐4333 or His department maintains the inventory for all office and classroom furniture and carefully assigns furniture to rooms and offices for maximum utilization. The office desks and credenzas are easily damaged so they should not be moved or dragged from one side of the office to another. Lou and his staff know how to properly move the furniture to avoid damage.


Every vehicle parked at the RRC must display a valid Texas State parking permit. Every student, faculty, or staff member must register their vehicle, properly display the permit anytime the vehicle is parked on the campus, and become familiar with the Traffic and Parking Rules. Permits are required at all times and there are no after hour or weekend exceptions.

Permits can be purchased on CatsWeb or in the RRC Police Office, Avery 250, when the cashier is on duty.


No signs or posters should be taped or otherwise affixed to the walls, doors, or windows. All postings must be approved at the One Stop Center counter in Avery Suite 201 and will be placed on public bulletin boards. Postings will be removed after two weeks.


Part time faculty members are reimbursed for the purchase of a perimeter parking permit. Please check with the academic department about reimbursement.


Animals and pets, other than service animals, are not permitted in the Avery Building. Only service animals that meet the specific criteria will be exempt. For the relevant criteria, please see the Procedures for General Service or Psychiatric Service Animals at Texas State University.


Solicitation is not allowed on campus. Anyone wishing to distribute information should be referred to Robert Jackson (6‐4423 or


All material posted on bulletin boards must be approved by the staff at the OSC.  Please DO NOT use scotch tape to post announcements on doors, windows, bathroom mirrors or towel dispensers.


Use of skateboards, roller blades, shoes with concealed wheels and other items which may damage property or cause bodily injury are prohibited in the Avery Building and on RRC property. Bicycles are not permitted in the building. Anyone seeing individuals skateboarding or riding bicycles where prohibited should contact the UPD immediately.


Phones are located in each hallway, and the extension numbers for Classroom Support, Campus Technology and the Police Office have been posted by each phone for your convenience. When using one of these phones, simply dial 6 plus the RRC extension number.


STUDENT SERVICES – One Stop Center (OSC) – Avery 201

The Round Rock Campus Student Services Area (OSC) is located on the 2nd floor of the Avery Building in Suite 201. All academic program information, admissions, registration, tuition payment, financial aid, and advising is handled through that office. 

The OSC staff also works with various community and student groups to sponsor food drives and/or to support various community needs. Any department interested in sponsoring any type of drive must go through the OSC for approval.


Students should go to the Round Rock Campus Student Services Area, located on the 2nd floor of the Avery Building in Suite 201, to have their Student ID photos made.

PRINTING AND COPYING – Campus Technology Center (CTC) – Avery 304

Students can get assistance with printing and copying procedures at the Campus Technology Center.

LIBRARY – Avery 255

The RRC Library is located in Avery 255. Materials from Alkek Library in San Marcos are couriered daily to the RRC. Professors can schedule a library training session for the entire class with the librarian as needed. Check their website ( for RRC Library hours as they sometimes differ from Avery Building Operating Hours.


Student groups wishing to sponsor drives or sales must get prior approval from Alyssa Kroeker (6-4023 or in the OSC.


Students are provided a snack bar and vending area in Avery 202. The Market Express Area is available at all times. Concerns about the food service or the Market Express Area should be reported to Robert Jackson,  



Two self‐service FACULTY COPY MACHINES are located in the Faculty Suite (Avery 464). No copy card is needed.

Faculty mailboxes are located in Avery 461. Students may leave mail in your assigned box. You must go inside the mailroom (Avery 461) to pick up your mail. The mailbox slots in the Mailroom Vestibule (Avery 459) are narrow and are only for dropping off mail.

Incoming US mail is delivered to the OSC.  Incoming inter‐office/campus mail is delivered to the evening faculty support staff member who distributes it to the mail boxes. Outgoing inter‐office/campus mail is picked up and delivered to the San Marcos campus via the Courier.


The courier service between the Round Rock Campus and the San Marcos campus runs on a daily basis.  The courier departs around noon and returns around 4:00pm Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, the courier leaves the RRC at 9:00am and returns around 1:00pm The courier transports inter‐office mail and library materials.


The Avery Building does not have a receiving/loading dock.  Medium sized to small packages are typically delivered to the OSC. Staples is expected to deliver to each specific department which placed the order.  Delivery service companies, such as; UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHS, etc. deliver to the OSC unless the address specifically states a different location on campus.

Large packages should be delivered to the East side of the building. The freight elevator should be used to deliver to the individual departments whenever possible.


Each department is autonomous and does their own hiring, purchasing, goods receipting, and payment processing.


Classrooms are unlocked and locked by the security officers.

Classroom furniture is arranged to optimize the use of the classrooms. If tables and chairs must be moved to accommodate instructional needs, please return them to the original configuration to be ready for the next instructor.

Items posted in the classroom must be posted on the tack boards – not on the walls.

Support with the equipment in the classrooms is available through the Instructional Technology Support (ITS) department at 512.716.4200.

Classroom supplies are in the plastic container located in the media cabinet. Should you need additional whiteboard markers or erasers during the semester, please check in the Faculty Suite (Avery 464).


ITV class materials need to be sent via courier a day in advance. RRC mail is picked up from the RR mailbox in the J. C. Kellam (JCK) building by the Post Office area.  The RRC Courier deposits all of the San Marcos campus mail in the mail slot at the Texas State Post office in JCK, unless specified otherwise.

COMPUTER LABS & COMPUTER SUPPORT – Campus Technology Center (CTC) – Avery 304

Avery Faculty computer support and Avery Computer Lab support is provided by the Campus Technology Center (CTC). Open Computer labs are located on the third floor, Avery 303 and 305.  The 40 seat COMPUTERIZED CLASSROOMS can be requested through, Amy Wong (6-4401 or xw10).

Arrangements for special software should be made in advance and directed to Blake Atkins (6-4301 or ja40).

FACULTY OFFICE SUITES – Avery 464 and 462

Every effort is made to assign a private office in either Avery 464 or 462 to full time faculty assigned to the RRC. Faculty who teach 2 classes or more at the RRC but who have an office in San Marcos may have to share a departmental office with other faculty from that department. Some faculty members also choose to hold office hours prior to their class time in their assigned classroom.  If this is done, please ensure no other classes are scheduled in that classroom.


Coordination of professional development training is centralized and handled primarily by Robert Jackson. All departments housed in the Avery Building are encouraged to attend training held at the RRC. All departments are regularly surveyed as to their interest in various possible workshop offerings.


The RRC maintains two vehicles. The courier van can be used for transportation of some larger items. The car can be used for travel to meetings in San Marcos, out of town, or in the Round Rock area. All reservations need to be made through the Assistant Director, Lou DeVirgilio.


Texas State University Round Rock Campus follows all logo and other publication requirements established by the University Marketing Department in San Marcos. Any department wishing to print or distribute items should be sure to check with the Marketing Department to follow those guidelines. Dawn Hernandez Hale (6‐4422 or dh39) can assist you with the procedures.


The Administration Suite houses Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Edna Rehbein; Campus Coordinator, Dawn Hernandez Hale; Assistant Director, Lou DeVirgilio; and Business Manager, Robert Jackson, who handles all financial, purchasing, personnel, facilities, and contractual matters.
The three Admin Assistants in the suite are Senior Admin Asst (Events and Schedule of Classes) Amy Wong; Admin Asst (Marketing), Carol Wilkinson; and Admin Asst (Business Office) Aja Varnado.



The Avery Building hosts many community, city, and school district events on campus. Other area organizations also use the building for workshops, training, or lectures.