Associate Degrees

Texas State University offers junior and senior (upper level) courses at their Round Rock location (Texas State University Round Rock Campus, or the RRC). Students needing to complete their core requirements or classes from the freshman or sophomore level may choose to complete these at Texas State in San Marcos or attend a community college and transfer these credits to Texas State.

Students do not need to earn an Associate’s Degree before attending the RRC. Students can earn an Associate Degree from a community college by completing a prescribed course of study through the sophomore level of classes. However, if the plan is to transfer to the RRC, students must follow the transfer planning guide for that particular program from the community college to the RRC. Click here to connect to the Transfer Planning Guides (TPGs) for the RRC.

To be eligible to register for the Texas State classes at the Round Rock campus, students must have completed their sophomore year or completed at least 45 transferable hours. The 45 hours of transferable credit must be from the prescribed degree plans for the majors offered by the RRC. Students who intend to complete the junior and senior level classes at the RRC, must follow the same application process as any potential Texas State student. However, the procedures after the admission process has been completed, are different for the RRC. Therefore, it is very important to follow the Getting Started checklist. Please click here to determine your next step.

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