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Avery Building Early MorningTexas State University Round Rock Campus (RRC) is the official name of Texas State University’s campus in Round Rock, Texas. Previously, this campus was known as the Round Rock Higher Education Center, or RRHEC, and informally, it is often referred to as “Texas State-Round Rock” or as “Texas State’s Round Rock Campus.”

The Round Rock Campus offers the junior and senior level classes to complete a bachelor’s degree in 13 programs as well as 12 graduate degrees and 13 post baccalaureate certificate programs. Students can complete their first two years (freshman and sophomore level classes) at the Texas State University San Marcos campus, any community college, or transfer to the RRC from another school. Courses at the RRC are offered at convenient times close to where students live and work. Students who complete their degree requirements at the Round Rock Campus earn their degrees from Texas State University.

You can find more complete information about Texas State University Round Rock Campus on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.